Water rights

Mines can have substantial water infrastructure assets that may need to be progressively rehabilitated and decommissioned prior to mine closure. In some instances, it may be preferable for water infrastructure to be left in place to provide a benefit to a subsequent landholder and the broader community. Where mine water infrastructure is retained, the regulatory and planning requirements for the transfer of water rights, licencing and responsibility for ongoing management need to be considered.


Implications for leading practice

  • Technical brief, managing water during and after mine rehabilitation, October 2022 (PDF, 287.3KB) . This technical brief summarises the regulatory and planning considerations for the transition of water rights and water infrastructure from an operational phase of mining to rehabilitation and closure. It also outlines the implications for leading practice as recommendations to support the transfer of water rights, licensing and responsibility for ongoing management of water infrastructure from active mining to a closed mine.

Implications for leading practice

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