What we do

The Office of the Queensland Mine Rehabilitation Commissioner has four key responsibilities:

  • engage with stakeholders and the community to raise awareness of mine rehabilitation matters
  • produce technical reports on the leading practice rehabilitation of land impacted by resource activities
  • provide advice to the Minister on mine rehabilitation practices, outcomes and policies
  • report on mine rehabilitation performance and trends in Queensland.


We engage with community, industry, academics, research organisations, environmental and scientific groups, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples on mine rehabilitation matters. Stakeholder feedback, together with expert technical, scientific workshops, help inform our research.

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We undertake research and produce technical, scientific based reports on the rehabilitation of land following a resource activity. These reports provide clarity on leading practice mine rehabilitation and management in Queensland.

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We advise the Minister for the Environment and Great Barrier Reef, Minister for Science and Minister for Multicultural Affairs on:

  • mine rehabilitation and management practices, outcomes and policies
  • public interest evaluation processes and performance.


We monitor and provide information on mine rehabilitation performance and trends in Queensland.

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