Other publications

In addition to technical mine rehabilitation research and leading practice advice, the Office of the Queensland Mine Rehabilitation Commissioner also publishes material related to mine rehabilitation trends and policy more generally.

Publications will be made available here once completed.


Conference papers

  • More And Better Rehabilitation – Lessons from Queensland (PDF, 612.0KB)
    This conference paper was authored by James Purtill and Anna Littleboy, and was originally published in July 2023 by the World Mining Congress 2023. This paper explores the concept of the mining industry’s rehabilitation task as a ‘wicked problem’ and assesses its relevance to better understanding the complex interactions of technical, socio-economic and political interests and factors influencing the rate and type of progressive rehabilitation and mine closure planning in the mining industry in Queensland.

Journal articles

  • Brief history of the mine rehabilitation reforms in Queensland (PDF, 155.8KB)
    This paper provides a summary of mine rehabilitation in Queensland. From early reforms in the 1990’s through to the most recent reforms in 2020 and ongoing. Journal article has been reproduced with the kind permission of Thomson-Reuters – article originally published in the Environmental and Planning Law Journal, Vol 39, Edition 1

Implications for leading practice

These documents distil the work undertaken on a particular topic and present our views on how it may be used by those working towards leading practice rehabilitation.

Technical papers

These documents present academic and expert industry knowledge of technical facets regarding leading practice rehabilitation.

Student reports

These documents are outputs of student projects undertaken as part of industry placements.

Conference papers

These documents are papers we have presented at conferences.

Journal articles

These documents are journal articles we have authored and have reproduced with permission.