Leading practice advice

The Office of the Queensland Mine Rehabilitation Commissioner publishes leading practice advice on mine rehabilitation in Queensland. In this context, we consider leading practice to reflect exemplary mine rehabilitation practices applicable to Queensland and appropriate to achieve a stable conditioni , or for non-use management areas - achieve sufficient improvementii . Leading practice considers national and international best practice rehabilitation methods and strategies.

The leading practices articulated by the Commissioner aim to advance best practice and support innovation in mine rehabilitation. Leading practice may represent improvement from current practice where the improvement is warranted to achieve desirable outcomes: it may require upskilling or business improvements by industry. Despite the complexity and challenges associated with rehabilitation, it is recognised that guidance is required to support leading-practice outcomes. However, we anticipate that leading practices will be subject to periodic review and ongoing improvement. There is a wide range of views regarding leading practice, often advanced by a variety of stakeholders. In developing leading practice, the Commissioner consults with key stakeholders with the intent to form a broad and considered view on rehabilitation practices.

We identify leading practice through an approach which typically involves:

  1. A review and synthesis of international and national (including Queensland) practice.
  2. Commissioning the development of technical papers by recognised experts in the field where necessary.
  3. Peer review of technical papers by recognised experts.
  4. Consulting with a range of stakeholders.
  5. Publishing advice on leading practice and supporting materials in a variety of formats.
  6. Commitment to regular review of published advice.

“Leading practice” is constantly evolving. We welcome feedback and contributions to ensure our material remains accurate, relevant, and contemporary.

Read our published leading practice advice.

iEnvironmental Protection Act 1994 (Qld), s111A

iiEnvironmental Protection Regulation 2019 (Qld), Schedule 8A